Bawl True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds


Based on 1,000 units printed full colour, 1 position

Bawl True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds

  • The Bawl True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds & Case are the future of Bluetooth earbuds
  • As you see there is no wire connecting the earbudsmMaking them true wireless earbuds
  • The earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 Auto-Pairing and Auto Power-On
  • Once the earbuds are removed from the case they will power on and automatically sync to each other!
  • No more hassle of trying to get the earbuds synchronized to each other
  • The case also doubles as a powerbank for your earbuds and can be charged with the included Micro USB Cable
  • Once earbud case is charged it will charge the earbuds 2x from 0-100%.
  • With over 1.5hrs of playback time at max volume on a single charge these earbuds are a must for any traveller
  • The ergonomic design of the earbuds keep them in place on the go
  • The earbuds have built in music controls and dual microphones for hands free operation
  • It takes 1hr to charge the earbuds from 0-100%
  • The case can be charged in under 1hr
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Bulk packed


72mmH x 54mmW x 25mmD

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SKU: GCM-4206

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